Uncle Dario’s Cheesecake Recipe

Nov 19 2022

About this recipe: This recipe is from my Uncle Dario. He was born and raised in New Jersey and loved to bake and cook. When he retired, he decided he wanted to make his own cheesecake recipe from scratch. So, …

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Red Envelope Promotion

Nov 08 2022

Red Envelopes It is the season of giving at Ben Franklin’s. Red envelopes are back! We are giving out these gifts throughout December just for dining with us. All envelopes are winners. Every time you visit you get an envelope …

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Tracy’s Nut Roll Recipe

Oct 11 2022

About this recipe: Tracy was our pastry chef and every year around Thanksgiving and Christmas he would make this nut roll recipe for the employees at the restaurant. It was absolutely phenomenal. Tracy passed away unexpectedly this year and we …

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