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Filet Steak Tacos

For those of you who love our steak tacos, here is the recipe. We recently updated our menu’s and this one no longer made the cut. It is still a phenomenal dish but we wanted to keep the menu fresh with new items. We are sharing the recipe with you so you can continue to

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Perogie Casserole

For those of you that practice Lenten season, here is a recipe that you can try for yourself. If you get tired of eating fish on Fridays, you can make this at home and give your taste buds a break from all the seafood. We hope you enjoy! Ingredients: 1 stick of butter (melted) 1

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Graham Cracker Cake

About this recipe Why this isn’t as popular as it once was, I will never know. This use to be a favorite cake in many households and now it is never really talked about. Our pastry chef ,Tracy, use to make it here at the Ben Franklin’s and it was absolutely phenomenal. We sure do

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Red Envelope Promotion

Red Envelopes It is the season of giving at Ben Franklin’s. Red envelopes are back! We are giving out these gifts throughout December just for dining with us. All envelopes are winners. Every time you visit you get an envelope (while supplies last). Top Prize is a catered party up to 20 people and is

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Tracy’s Nut Roll Recipe

About this recipe: Tracy was our pastry chef and every year around Thanksgiving and Christmas he would make this nut roll recipe for the employees at the restaurant. It was absolutely phenomenal. Tracy passed away unexpectedly this year and we wanted to honor him by sharing this recipe with you. We hope you enjoy it

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